Inside the Artist: Tim Blake

Inside the Artist: Tim Blake
at Pogie’s Clubhouse on Jefferson

Pogie’s Clubhouse presents a night of music, food, and the stories behind the songs.

We’ll be serving our Seafood Grill with Wild Rice and Grilled Vegetables or Prime Rib with a Baked Potato and Grilled Vegetables. Pogie’s Clubhouse is BYOB so bring a bottle of your own to pair with dinner.

Tim Blake is a musician-entertainer from Lorain Ohio. He has been playing guitar and singing live music at clubs, special events, bars, parties and festivals in Northern Ohio and at the Lake Erie Islands for over 35 years. His versatile style is underscored by his friendly stage presence and vast experience as both a solo artist and his involvement in many duos and bands. Tim’s original songs have been road tested and tell interesting stories of people and places he has met along the way. His single “Jewel of the Port” tells the story of the Lorain lighthouse and its return to glory after years of neglect. The song was featured in a PBS documentary about the many lighthouses of the Great Lakes and his songs have received radio airplay both live and studio produced.

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