Pogie’s Lunch Starts January 14th!

Let's do lunch!

Starting January 14th 2020, Pogie’s is opening up The Clubhouse 3 days a week for lunch. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays Pogie’s Clubhouse on Jefferson will be open from 11-2. Pogie’s will be offering dine in, carry out, and delivery to select locations for our take on a classic Southern style lunch.

Pogie’s Meat & Three lunches will feature classic American dishes, Midwestern style BBQ, and local ethnic favorites for unique daily menus. Each day select from a rotating selection of proteins and sides to get just what you’ve been craving.

Meat & Three

Wikipedia defines a Meat & Three as the following…

In the cuisine of the Southern United States, a meat and three restaurant is one where the customer picks one meat from a daily selection of three to six choices (such as fried chicken, country ham, beef, country-fried steak, meatloaf, or pork chop) and three side dishes from a list that may include up to a dozen other options (usually vegetables, potatoes, corn, green or lima beans, but also other selections such as gelatin, creamed corn, macaroni and cheese, and spaghetti).

A meat-and-three meal is often served with cornbread and sweet tea. Meat and three is popular throughout the United States, but its roots can be traced to Tennessee and its capital of Nashville. The phrase has been described as implying "glorious vittles served with utmost informality." It is also associated with soul food.

Similar concepts include the Hawaiian plate lunch, which features a variety of entrée choices but typically has standardized side items, and the southern Louisiana plate lunch, which features menu options that change daily

Lunch Starts January 14th

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We look forward to seeing you on January 14th!